Destination Georgia A two-day adventure at the breathtaking Khevi

A two-day adventure at the breathtaking Khevi

A two-day enterprise at the breathtaking Khevi

A wo-day adventure at the breathtaking Khevi

Visiting in Khevi is must to do when you are in Georgia. Original nature, cultural peculiarities – make Khevi distinctive and outstanding from other parts of Georgia.  The people here, like almost every other representative of the high mountainous country of Georgia, are characterized by a strong and fighter nature.

Giant mountains, breathtaking valleys, architectural monuments, mineral springs and waterfalls promise unforgettable and impressive emotions.

The main river: Tergi (Terek)

The most sacred place: Gergeti Trinity Church

The main resort: Gudauri Ski Resort

The main mountain: Mkinvartsveri (Mt. Kazbek)

On the way to Khevi, the first time you will see the Ananuri fortress complex (16-17cc) at Zhinvali turquoise water reservoir and then natural, mineral waters. Enjoy Gudauri’s breathtaking views. To arrange a picnic, stop at Arsha waterfalls.

The tour continues to the Juta(2200m). The main attraction of the village is a mountain range – Chaukhi. In the valley, you can find lakes and waterfalls and then should go back to overnight.

Before overnight you will see the 16-17cc Sno Castle in the village of the same name. Not so far from this place, there is a valley, where you can find the history of Georgia, represented in stones as huge figures of great persons from the past.

Overnight at a hotel.

The next day, after breakfast, you will go to the Dariali Gorge. The main river of Khevi flows into the 1000m depth ravine.  Dariali Fortress is a historical monument of the gorge. Dariali had a significant strategic diversity in the history of Georgia. Border crossing point with Russia locates here. You will have an opportunity to visit the new monastery complex.  Enjoy views from the terrace of the complex.

Gveleti waterfall is one of the most popular destinations among hikers. You have to walk some distance to the waterfall.

Gergeti Trinity Church(2200m) – Immovable Cultural Monument of National Significance –   the 14th-15th-century architectural monument. During the hard times of the country, it had a treasure hoard function.

After the mineral spring and pool(where you can swim, too), you will go to the Sioni of Khevi. Church, wall and tower, built by hewn stones, are combined as a complex, placed on the hill. The complex dates back to 9-10 cc. At the entrance of the church, you will meet stone arm-chairs and chairs, for a body of elders. Enjoy the views of the village and surroundings.

Return to Tbilisi.

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