Destination Georgia Ten days on the Black Sea coast and its surroundings

Ten days on the Black Sea coast and its surroundings

Ten days on the Black Sea coast and its surroundings

The subtropical coastal zone of the Black Sea distinguished by a variety of resorts and shores. It is equally attractive for active vacation seekers, as well as for ecology, archaeology or health and wellness profile interested visitors.

During your vacation in Batumi, you will visit several resorts of Adjarian Black Sea coastline, archaeological monuments, mountainous Adjara, learn about the cultural-historical and eco-environment.

Day 1: Batumi day tour and free time for beach

Day 2: Free time for beach and Batumi evening tour

Day 3: Gonio-Sarpi-Mankhutseti

Day 4: Free time for beach

Day 5: Free time for beach

Day 6: Tsikhisdziri and Mtirala National Park

Day 7: Free time for beach

Day 8: Green Cape – Botanical Garden and free time for the beach

Day 9: Free time for the beach

Day 10: Free time for beach and departure

Tour in Batumi includes popular tourist destinations and objects, such as Ali & Nino moving sculpture; Alphabet Tower; Ferris wheel; Dancing fountains & Laser show; Argo cable car(way length 2586m) and panoramic views on Batumi, from Anuria Mt. (256m); Batumi central park with colonnades, lake, boats and more; Piazza Square; Church of the Mother of God – Georgian orthodox cathedral, from the early 1900s.  Originally built as a Catholic Church (a Gothic Revival design.); Church of St. Nicholas built in late 1860-s and early 1870-s; Fish market;

On the other days, you will find other coastal resorts, featured by the water transparency or archaeological point of view, including Sarpi, Gonio, Tsikhisdziri and Green Cape.

Gonio Fortress – (1 CE) – Museum-Reserve – the monument of the Roman period of the history of Adjara with a crucial strategic role. Myths and legends: It believed that Absyrtus, son of Aeëtes buried here. The same belief is about Saint Matthias, too. The ancient archaeological artefacts belong to the 17th-15th cc BC.

Within the tour, the seaside climatic resort Tsikhisdziri and Petra fortress are waiting for you.   Petra fortress – archaeological-architectural museum-reserve, 25 km from Batumi.

The castle with unique trade-economic and military-strategic location, one of the brilliant monuments of early feudal culture (6th century AD) Visit Botanical Garden at 9 km from Batumi(since 1881.) It combines upper, lower and seaside parks. In their own, they include East Asian, Himalayan, Australian, New Zealand, Northern & Southern American, Mediterranean and Transcaucasian humid subtopic plants. As for the collections, there you will find roses, camellias, citruses, decorative-herbaceous plants, berries and fruit-bearing trees and herbarium found, also. It is possible to move into the park by electric vehicles, for an additional price. There can be held a picnic, in case of your wish.

In the Acharistskali Gorge, you’ll visit the Mankhutseti waterfall and the 12th century stone arch bridge (King Tamar’s Bridge).

The Mtirala National Park will host you on the 7 km track of Tsablnari waterfall at a 265-442m above sea level. The underwood with cherry laurel, Colchic box trees, various types of ivies and lake add the charm to the educative-entertaining hiking. There are also picnic places. If desired, it is possible to organize a zip line and canyoning.



It can be organized diving or swimming with dolphins, visiting the amusement park and relaxing on the magnetite sand beach. Excursions to the Machakhela and Kintrishi protected areas, rich with unique flora and fauna. Ancient stone winepresses, medieval arch bridges, history of Georgian gun making will let you travel into the past.

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