Destination Georgia „Racha – All About Love“ – Three-day Summer Tour

„Racha – All About Love“ – Three-day Summer Tour

„Racha – All About Love“ – Three-day Summer Tour

One of the beauties of Georgia is Racha. Northwest of Western Georgia divided into three parts- Lower, Upper and Mountain Racha. Average height is over 3800m.

Racha distinguished by its landscape, sulfurous and mineral waters and unique vines- the source of the best wine.

Places to visit during the tour:

  • Tskhrajvari(9-cross), Shaori, Nikokrtsminda, Sakinule(Freezer), Shareula.
  • Love Waterfall, Khidikari, Minda Castle, Barakoni, Mravaldzali, Love Lake
  • Glola, Utsera, Shovi, Ghebi, Gona.


  • Tskhrajvari – the sacred place, locates on the border of Racha-Imereti Region, on the Mt. Nakerala. It is a hiking category route.(In total 9km; 1409MASL)Views are on settlements, Tkibuli water reservoir.

At best, it is possible to see the Black Sea horizon.  And itself is visible from all the settlements of Kolkheti lowland.

  • After crossing the Nakrela pass, the first sighting of Racha is Shaori lake – with diverse and breathtaking views.
  • In the distance of 10 minutes from Shaori – Nikortsminda – (11th ) – one of the unique examples of Georgian architecture – tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Cave – “Skhvava Sakinule” –  (Freezer) –   Temperature is always 0 below.  The thickness of centuries-old ice columns reaches even 20 m and height to 8m.

Have you ever seen the birth of the river? – If not, you should visit other caves near the mentioned area. The calm and mysterious atmosphere will give you peace of mind.

  • Another lovely place is waiting for you in Ambrolauri, where you will find the so-called “Love Waterfall”. It flows over a heart-shaped cave and stepping there, through the waterfall is a precondition for a successful love, by the local belief.
  • Right through the way to Barakoni, you will find the natural gate, wherein the rocks are ruins of fortifications, from medieval times. Barakoni itself is a temple of the 18th century, built in greenery, at the mouth of two rivers. In Racha, this is one of the last significant architectural monuments. One another fortress ruins overlook to the same mouth of the rivers, from hill.
  • The hiking route(in total 10km) will take you up to the temple of Mravaldzali. It is a sacred place for the locals and must be pilgrimaged three times, for a blessed life. St. George’s Architecture Monument dates back to the 11th

Not too far from this place, locates the so-called “Love Lake”, also a popular spot, among hikers.

  • Mountain Racha has notable beauty.
  • Within the tour, it is possible to visit Glola, Utsera, Shovi, Ghebi, and Gona; Also, you can taste famous healing waters, directly from springs. Great for treating various diseases, including digestive (liver and gastrointestinal) and urinary tract diseases.

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